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Q: Where are you offering Wireless Internet Access ?

A: Elite Broadband is currently offering Wireless Internet Access in select areas of Montrose, Olathe, and Delta counties. Though service is not currently available in all areas, a widespread service area should be available in the coming months.

Q: Can I get Wireless at my business ?

A: Elite Broadband.Net has service plans to fit all of your needs. Customers in a Small Office/Home Office setting as well as large multi-computer corporations may receive this service.

Q: How does Wireless Internet Access work ?

A: Wireless Internet Access uses radio signals delivered from our Wireless Access sites, located throughout the area. An antenna placed at your location, along with our specialized Wireless Internet Access equipment will be used to pick up these signals so that you may connect to our High-Speed Wireless network.

Q: How secure is Wireless ?

A: Elite Broadband’s Wireless service has a number of security measures in place to keep your data secure. Some of our security measures include — An advanced data encryption algorithm, authenticated customer accounts, and a highly specialized Wireless Network configuration. With these features and others, our Wireless Network is very secure. Your data is safe with us.

Q: How fast is Wireless Internet Access ?

A: Depending upon the level of service selected and your proximity to our Wireless Access sites, Elite Broadband Wireless Internet Access is capable of speeds up to 50 times faster than even the fastest alternatives.

Q: How much does this service cost ?

A: Elite Broadband Wireless Internet Access is available at prices as low as $30.00 per month. A second phone line costing $30.00 per month and a $19.95 dial-up Internet account equate to the same cost, but at a much lower connected speed. For pricing details, see our rates page!

Q: Do I need an additional phone line to use this service ?

A: No, a phone line will not be required. Elite Broadband Wireless Internet Access is bi-directional and does not require the use of a phone line.

Q: Can I host a web server with this service ?

A: Customers with a Elite Broadband Dedicated Wireless Internet Access Agreement may use this service to host mail, web, or DNS Servers. Residential or business customers without Dedicated Wireless Internet Access may not host websites or mail servers on this service.

Q: What equipment is needed to access this service ?

A: For most users, a roof-mounted antenna is required to access the Wireless Internet Access signal. In addition to this antenna, a Wireless Access Point or router may be used to bring this signal to your computer or network. Elite Broadband can provide and install this equipment for you.

Q: How quickly can it be installed ?

A: If you are in a current service area, your service can typically be installed within 2 days of order. Depending on the weather.

Q: Wireless access is not available in my area. Will you notify me when service has reached my area ?

A: Once you have checked your address with our Service Availability tool, your address and contact information is automatically added to our Database. Using this database, we are able to track your interest in this service and will contact you when our service has reached your area.

Q: I live in an apartment. Can I get this service ?

A: If your apartment complex allows for satellite TV dishes to be mounted then you’ll have no problem at all. Some apartment complexes have worked with us to allow for instant on service with your existing devices. Please check the Service tool for more information

Q: How does weather affect this service ?

A: Rain, snow, and other inclement weather conditions should not cause any reduction in service quality.

Q: What’s a DAS ?

A: Elite Broadband has deployed manyl Distributed Antenna Systems  (DASs) in the area, with additional expansion of our service area occurring almost weekly. Using these DASs, Elite Broadband is able to deliver High-Speed Wireless Internet access to home and business users.